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You can make a difference by purchasing Molly's Turtle Soap. All proceeds support native NC turtles, their habitat, and conservation education. 

Molly's Turtle Soap can be purchased/ordered here:

NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the Nature Research Center - 
11 W. Jones St, Raleigh, 919-733-7450 ext. 369

BHI Conservancy - 700 Federal Rd, Bald Head Island, 910-457-0089

Message from Molly:

Summer, 2016

Dear Friends,

After a decade helping hundreds of pet turtles find new homes around the country I am bringing this aspect of RATA to a foreign exchange market close as I transition to college. Working with hundreds of families over the years has been incredibly rewarding and I am so glad that together we helped many pets find new families.

My commitment to conservation values will not change: Molly's Turtle Soap remains for sale; STEM Leadership Camp continues to be a business that I work on; and, my volunteer work with the Jane Goodall Institute, Friends of Hemlock Bluffs, and State Farm Youth Advisory Board will continue.
Thank you for your invaluable support and encouragement over the years. Please keep in touch on Twitter @MollyPaul_.